Fulfillment Location - MUST READ

In Auto Fulfill, when you are fulfilling an order, it is important to make sure that the fulfillment location is the same across all products in your Shopify store.

If the fulfilment location does not match with your products, then you will see the below error:

Vendor Link Fulfillment Error:

Google Sheet Fulfillment Error:

The Fulfillment Location represents the location where all your products are stocked.

It is from this location the products are fulfilled to different shipping addresses.

So, it is mandatory to create the correct fulfillment location and set it as the "Shipping Origin".

And add inventory quantity for the same location for all your products in Shopify.

To know how, please follow the below steps:

Step 1: In Shopify settings, under "Locations" option, you need to add the correct fulfilment location by clicking the "Add Location" button:

Step 2: Once you have added the correct fulfillment location, you need to navigate to the "Shipping" option, and set it as the "Shipping Origin".

For example, if the fulfillment location is "807 Access Road, Traverse City, Michigan, United States", then click on "Shipping" option:

And then click on "Change shipping origin" option:

Now, select the correct location and click "Save" to set it as the  "Shipping Origin":

After the fulfillment location is set, you need to add the inventory quantity for the same fulfillment location, for all your products.

So, to add inventory quantity for the correct location, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Edit the variant of your product:

Step 2: Scroll down to the "Inventory" section, in the variant edit page:

Step 3: Now, select the "Edit locations" option, which can be found in the "Quantity" section:

Step 4: Once you click the "Edit Locations" option, select the correct fulfillment location:

Step 5: Once you select the correct location, it will automatically be added to the "Quantity" section:

Now, if there is no inventory quantity added, then click the "0" value. 

This will open a box, and will give you the option to enter the inventory quantity:

 So, by following the above steps, you need to make sure the correct fulfillment location is set as the "Shipping Origin", and the inventory quantity is added for the same location, for all the products.

Now, in Auto Fulfill, you have to select the same fulfillment location which is setup in Shopify:

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