Change the Tracking Number for the Fulfilled Orders

If you have fulfilled orders by entering the incorrect tracking number, then there are two different ways to edit and enter the correct tracking number.

1) Entering the correct tracking number through vendor link:

In the vendor link, click the " Fulfilled Orders" option:

The "Fulfilled Orders" option will show all the orders which you have fulfilled by using the vendor link.

To replace the incorrect tracking number with the correct tracking number, click the " Download Fulfilled Orders" option:

This option will download and give you all fulfilled orders, with the tracking numbers in an excel sheet:

In the excel sheet, you can enter the correct tracking number in the "New Tracking Number" column:

Also, you can choose to notify customer of the correct tracking number, by selecting "Yes" in column I (Notify Customer column):

Once you enter the correct tracking number, upload the excel file by clicking the "Update Fulfillments" option:

2) Editing Tracking Number In The Fulfillment Section

You can also edit the tracking number by navigating to the fulfillment section.

Click the "Fulfillment" Tab, found at the top section of your dashboard:

This will take you to the fulfillment section and you can see all the fulfilled orders.

In the tracking number column, beside each tracking number, you will see a small edit icon:

You can click the edit icon and enter the correct tracking number:

Once you enter the correct tracking number, click the "Update" button to save the tracking number:

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