How to unfulfill an order which is already fulfilled?

Once you fulfill your orders, you can also unfulfill them in two different ways.

1) Unfulfilling orders by using vendor link

Once you fulfill your orders in the vendor link, click the "Fulfilled Orders" option:

The "Fulfilled Orders" option will show all the orders which you have fulfilled by using the vendor link.

To unfulfill the orders, click the "Download Fulfilled Orders" option:

Once you click the "Download Fulfilled Orders" option, the app will export all fulfilled orders in an excel format:

In the "Unfulfill" column (Column G), you can use the drop down option and select "Yes" to unfulfill the orders:

Once you have selected "Yes" for the respective orders, upload the file back into the vendor link by clicking the "Update Fulfillments" option:

This will automatically unfulfill all the orders, which were fulfilled through the vendor link

2) Unfulfilling orders through fulfillment section:

All orders which are fulfilled, can be found in the fulfillment section:

To navigate to the fulfillment section, click the "Fulfillment" Tab, found at the top section of your dashboard:

In the fulfillment section, you can a small icon in the "Unfulfill Order" column:

Click this icon, and then click the check box. After that, click the "Unfulfill" button:

This will automatically unfulfill the order.

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