Fulfilling orders through the vendor link

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Auto Fulfill is a powerful app, which can help you to fulfill hundreds of orders easily.

The app pulls only unfulfilled orders from Shopify.

To fulfill your orders, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Create a new task, by clicking the plus symbol in the "Add Vendor - Autofulfill Sheet":

Step 2: Now, enter a name for your task:

After entering the name, click the "Save & continue" button to navigate to the second page.

Step 3: In the second page, you can select the products you want to fulfill:

Once you select the requirement products, click the "Save & continue" button to navigate to the third page.

Step 4: The third page is also called "Auto Fulfill Settings" page.

There are different options in the "Auto Fulfill Settings" page which you can use to customize your task and the vendor link.

Lets go through the options one by one.

Vendor Link: In this page, you can find the vendor link:

The vendor link is used to see all the orders, for the products which is selected in the second page.

Also, through the vendor link, the tracking numbers can be entered to fulfill the orders.

Add More Fields: In the vendor link, you can add additional information for your orders, by clicking the "Add more fields" option:

Once you click the "Add more fields" option, it will expand, and show different fields which you can select:

You can select the respective fields like SKU, variant options, customer email etc, and add them to the vendor link for each order.

Set Vendor Notification: The "Set vendor notification" will give you the option to enter the recipient email address.

When a new order is received in Shopify, Auto Fulfill will automatically send a "New Order Notification Email" to the email address, which you enter in the "Set vendor notification" box:

Also, you can either choose to have Auto Fulfill send the "New Order Notification" email every time Shopify receives a new order.

Or You can sent the time and timezone, at which you would like Auto Fulfill to send the "New Order Notification" email everyday:

You can also customize your signature, so the recipient will know from where the email is coming from:

Set Fulfillment automation: In the "Set Fulfillment automation" section, you can choose "Manual", which will allow you to fulfill your orders manually.

Or, you can select daily, hourly, every 2 hours, 4 hours or 6 hours, and have the task run automatically and fulfill your orders:

Customer Notification: In the "Customer Notification" section, you can choose to either send a notification email to your customers, once the orders are fulfilled.

Or you can select "No" to prevent any notification emails from being sent to your customers about the shipment:

Auto Fulfill Notification Settings: Auto Fulfill will send you a notification when when orders are fulfilled or which are still unfulfilled.

So there are three options:

Option 1: You  can set a time, when you would like to receive for fulfilled and unfulfilled orders:

Option 2: By selecting the second option, you can receive email notification every time when orders are fulfilled.

Option 3: If you don't want to receive any notification email, then you can select the third option.

Set Fulfillment Location: This section is very important, because in this section, you need to select the correct location.

The location you select, represents the location where your products are stored. It is from this location, the products will be fulfilled.

Now, click the "Save" button to save the feed.

Once you save the feed, you can see it in the dashboard. Also, at the bottom section of the feed, you can see a yellow dot called "Current Status":

Please wait until the yellow dot turns green:

In the task, you can see a link called "Vendor Link". Once the dot turns green, click the link to see the unfulfilled orders.

You can give the vendor link to you vendor. Once your vendor ships the order, he will enter the tracking number in the vendor link.

Step 5: Once your vendor enters the tracking number, click the play button from your task to run and fulfill the orders:

Once your orders are fulfilled, you can check them by clicking the "Fulfilled Orders" option in the vendor link:

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