Fulfillment Service - MUST READ

Before fulfilling your orders, you have to make sure that you choose the same fulfillment service for all your products and variants.

For example, Your products have two color variants "Red" and "Green".

For both these variants, you have to select the same fulfillment service.

If "Red" variant has the fulfillment service as "Shopify" and "Green" has the fulfillment service as "Oberlo", then you will see the below error:

Vendor Link error:

Google Sheet error:

To choose the same fulfillment service, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Edit the variants of your product:

Step 2: In the variant edit page, scroll down to the inventory section:

Step 3: In the inventory section, under "Inventory managed by", click the drop-down bar and select "Shopify" as the fulfillment service:

All the products and variants should have "Shopify" as the fulfillment service.

Only then Auto Fulfill will fulfill orders in the app and in Shopify simultaneously.

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