Order Tag

Auto Fulfill gives you the option to add order tags in the vendor link.

In order for Auto Fulfill to accept the order tag, you have to follow the below parameter:

For example: order=standard shipping

So, after receiving an order in Shopify, enter the tag "order=standard shipping":

Once you have entered the tag for your order, edit your task from the dashboard and navigate to the "Auto Fulfill settings" page (step 3):

In the "Auto Fulfill settings" page, click the "Add more fields" option:

And then scroll down to see the "Order Tags" box:

In the order tags box, enter "order":

In Shopify, the order tag is entered as "order=standard shipping".

So, the order represents the shipping type.

In Auto Fulfill, when you enter "Order" in the order tags box, Auto Fulfill will show the shipping type "Standard Shipping" in the vendor link:

Now, if you are tagging an order as high risk order, then you need to enter the order tag in Shopify as risk=high.

And in Auto Fulfill, in the "Order Tags" box, you can enter risk. Then the vendor link will show the risk tag in the vendor link:

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