Product Tag

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Auto Fulfill can add product tags in the vendor link.

In order for Auto Fulfill to accept the product tags, you have to enter the tags by following the below parameter:

"tag name = value"

For example, If you like to add product tags to show the nature of the design, then in the tag box enter "design=premium". So the design is the tag name and premium is the value of the tag:

Once you add the product tag in Shopify, edit your task in Auto Fulfill.

In the "Auto Fulfill settings" page (Step 3), click the "Add more fields" option:

Now, scroll down to the "Product Tags" box:

In the "Product Tags" box, enter the tag name "design":

Since we gave the product tag as "design=premium", Auto Fulfill will automatically pull the tag value "premium".

And Auto Fulfill will automatically display the tag value in the vendor link:

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