Bulk Fulfillment Feature

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Apart from fulfilling orders through vendor link, Auto Fulfill offers an additional feature called "Bulk Fulfill".

There are two different kinds of Bulk Fulfill: " Bulk fulfill order line items in excel" and "Bulk fulfill orders in excel".

To fulfill your orders in bulk, click the download button to export all unfulfilled orders.

You can click the "Download" button, either from the "Bulk fulfill order line items in excel" box or from "Bulk fulfill orders in excel" box.

Once you click the download button, Auto Fulfill will export all unfulfilled orders from Shopify:

You can either enter the tracking number in the "Order tracking numbers" column (Column B).

Or you can send the file with all the unfulfilled orders to your vendor.

Your vendor can enter the tracking number and send the file back to you.

Once the tracking number is entered, click the "Upload Template" button and upload the file:

Once you upload the file, Auto Fulfill will display all the unfulfilled orders with the tracking numbers:

You can check if each order has the correct tracking number.

Now, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and select the correct fulfillment location:

And then click the "Fulfill line items" button to fulfill all the orders.

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