Creating Packing Slip

Auto Fulfill gives you the option to create your own packing slip for the task you create.

To start creating your packing slip, click the "Vendor" tab, and select "Packing Slip":

Now, click the "Create Packing Slip" button:

Once you click the "Create Packing Slip" button, the app will navigate to the packing slip setup page:

To the right side of your screen, you can see "Head Content", "Body Content" and "Footer Content", found in the "Packing Slip Form:

1) The "Head Content" will give you the options to upload your company logo, include your company name and company address.

Also, you can include shipping details like customer name, address, phone number, order date/number etc:

2)The "Body Content" gives you the option to include serial number, product name, quantity, shipping quantity etc:

3) In the "Footer Content", you can include customer note, company policy, and any additional information:

Once you have selected the respective option from Head, Body and Footer content, you will see a preview of the packing slip:

The packing slip will be created in real time, when you are selecting the options in the Head, Body and Footer content

Now, you can enter a name for the packing slip, and click the "Save" button to save the created packing slip:

Once you save the packing slip, it will be saved in the packing slip dashboard:

Now, click the "Attach Vendors", button to attach it with the task you have created:

Once the packing slip is attached to the task, you can see the packing slip beside each unfulfilled order in the vendor link:

The packing slip beside each order is attached as a PDF. You can click the attached packing slip and open the PDF:

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