Vendor Notification Setup

Auto Fulfill can send a new order notification email to your vendors, every time Shopify receives a new order.

To setup the vendor notification, navigate to the Auto Fulfill settings page (step 3), and click on "Set vendor notification":

Once you select the "Set vendor notification" option, it will expand and show you the setup sub-options:

Under the "Enter Email address of people to be notified about new orders" section, you can enter the email address of your vendor:

Once you enter the email address, all notifications will be sent to that email.

There are two ways the notification email can be sent to your vendor:

1) Send Email notification every time an order is placed

2) Sen email at a specific time and timezone

If you choose the first option, then notification email will be sent to your vendor, every time Shopify receives an order.

But with the second option, you can choose a specific time or timezone to send the notification email to your vendor.

Also you can customize your signature and contact details:

The signature will be added to the notification email which is sent to your vendor.

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