Auto Fulfill Notification Settings

For every fulfilled and unfulfilled order, Auto Fulfill will send a summary to your email address.

The summary will have the list of fulfilled orders, and orders which are still unfulfilled.

The Auto Fulfill notification settings can be found in the "Auto Fulfill settings" page (step 3):

When you are at the page, scroll down to the Auto Fulfill notification settings section:

There are three options, which you can choose as per your requirement.

The first option will send you an email with the list of fulfilled and unfulfilled orders, at a specific time of your choice.

The second option "I want to receive an email every time an order is fulfilled", will send you an email with the list of fulfilled orders.

If you choose the third option "I don't want to receive any notification from this task", then Auto Fulfill will not send any notification emails to your email address.

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